Find A Home On The Coconut Coast And Real Estate For Sale In Guarajuba

The tiny towns and villages in the Coconut Coast region of Bahia with its unending lineup of beaches has always been an attraction for those who want to live a life in peace and quiet, away from the crowds, noise and dust of the cities. Guarajuba just 14 km away from the tourist town of Praia do Forte and about 70 km from Salvador is one such village. You will find many lovely apartments and houses among the real estate for sale in Guarajuba.

Guarajuba is famous for its beautiful palm lined beaches and beach activities like surfing. It is also a place with plenty of greenery and it is fun to take a walk or a bike-ride along its roads lined by trees on either side. Most real estate for sale in Guarajuba is located in well-planned and developed condominiums which provide a secure living environment. The place is a preferred location for families and holiday home seekers.

Guarajuba Real Estate – An Overview

In Guarajuba, you can get apartments from R$200,000 to R$650,000. An average apartment in a nice condo near the beach will cost you about R$385,000. Houses are available in a wide range from R$195,000 and the price can go up to as much as R$2,450,000. An average house will cost you about R$1,032,000. In addition to residential real estate, commercial real estate like hotels may also be available.

You have the option of buying a plot of land in a nice area to do your own construction or just for investment. Land can cost you anywhere from R$160,000 to R$1,000,000 depending upon the size and location of the plot. The average price will be about R$473,000 for a piece of land in a nicely located condominium.

Apartments In Guarajuba

You will find quite a few apartments below R$350,000 in good locations near the beach or in the village. These apartments which could be up to 100 sq. meters in built-up area usually have two to three bedrooms. In some apartments one bedroom will be a suite.

The condominium generally provides common facilities like a swimming pool, a small garden or green area, parking facility, barbecue, a party area and sometimes facilities for indoor and outdoor games. Almost all condominiums provide round the clock security.

If you go for a more expensive apartment priced above R$350,000, you will find these in gated communities or upmarket condos very nicely located on the seaside or close to the beach. You may also find duplex apartments in this range. The condominiums generally provide plenty of leisure facilities.

These apartments are usually above 75 sq. meters in built-up area and have two to four bedrooms with suites. You can expect a large swimming pool, well designed garden, jacuzzi, barbecue, party area, ballroom, games room, tennis courts, volleyball courts, football fields, kids play area, children’s pool, sauna, massage center, bar and laundry area as part of the common facilities. While every condominium may not give all these facilities, they all provide 24 hours security.

Guarajuba Houses

Houses in Guarajuba are located in nice quiet areas within the town and not too far away from beautiful beaches. You can get good houses for less than R$700,000. Even for this lower price range, you can get a nicely built two floor house with premium construction.

You can expect 100 to 300 sq. meters of constructed area on plots of 400 to 500 sq. meters with a budget within R$700,000. This could mean houses with up to five bedrooms and one or more suites depending on the price. Most houses have a pool, garden, parking facility, service area, kennel, pantry and a party area.

Between R$700,000 and R$1,000,000, the locations get even better and you can find some very spacious houses in this range. The plot area should be between 500 and 1400 sq. meters and constructed areas between 300 and 700 sq. meters.

With this kind of space and budget, you can easily find houses with three to six bedrooms and sometimes with as many as five suites. You will also get a high end swimming pool, a large garden or lawn and garage to park multiple cars. Some houses come semi-furnished.

In addition to the previously mentioned facilities, you may get employee quarters, water storage facility and a water source such as a well on the premises. The condominiums usually provide several leisure facilities and infrastructure for common activities including a clubhouse.

If you are willing to pay above R$1,000,000 you can get a high end house in a luxury condo by the seaside or very close to the beach. Though the prices can be as high as R$2,500,000, the locations are the very best in town. You will find houses with over 250 sq. meters of premium construction on plots with areas of 1000 sq. meters or more.

In the high end of the range, expect houses with three to five suites which sometimes have air-conditioning installed. A large swimming pool with premium features, a well-designed garden and multiple car parking is almost always available. These houses usually come semi or fully furnished. The condominiums offer all leisure facilities previously mentioned and in addition, you can expect playgrounds, solar heating and employee quarters. Security is usually top-notch with round the clock CCTV surveillance.

Buying Land In Guarajuba

The real estate market here offers both standalone plots and plots in well-developed condos which offer several common facilities. These plots are usually in very nice locations and you can get them from 500 sq. meters onwards.